Sophie’s Dog Rescue is a network of volunteers in Northern Ireland who are committed to finding dogs foster homes while waiting for adoption- rather than waiting in the pound. Not only is this obviously a more comfortable environment for the dog, it also gives the dog the opportunity to learn about living in a family environment. We are always looking for new foster homes in order to save more wee souls who are currently sitting in the pound.

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Sophie’s Dog Rescue was set up in 2014, we took our name from one of our first foster dogs Sophie. Our aim was to replace a stressful, isolated and intimidating environment of a dog pound with a stimulating, loving and safe environment of a foster home. We are a complete non-profit operation and rely solely on donations from the general public to do what we do. We are charity registered. We operate ethically, compassionately and in the best interest of our dogs at all times. We work closely with many reputable vets, dog behaviourists, rescues and shelters to ensure we do right by our dogs and their humans at all times. We are committed to reducing the number of unwanted dogs out there by spaying/neutering every dog in our care. We also fully vaccinate, microchip and register all of our dogs. Each potential adoptee is subject to adoption contract, homecheck and adoption donation.  Our foster families are nothing but 5* and are some of the best human beings out there! 

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