Apply to foster

To apply to become a foster parent for a dog in need, please first read our terms and conditions below, and if you agree please complete the form below.

Terms and Conditions of Fostering

If you cannot adhere to all Terms and Conditions of fostering with Sophie’s Dog Rescue you will not be able to foster for us.

  •  I acknowledge that the dog I am fostering will be a family pet and live inside my home with the rest of the family until adoption.  Under no circumstances will said dog be chained outdoors or kept outdoors for any length of time.  If said dog is required to spend any amount of time outside, suitable outdoor shelter MUST be provided and this should be for no longer than 2 hours.
  • I will ensure my foster dog is wearing an identity tag at all times.  If I cannot provide this myself I will contact Sophie’s Dog Rescue for help with this.
  • I agree that as my foster dog is a rescue dog that Sophie’s Dog Rescue can give me no guarantee as to the history/behaviour of this animal, only the best of their knowledge.  Also, that they can give me no guarantee about any hereditary defects or unknown conditions.
  • I realise that dogs are unpredictable and they may chew, bite, destroy furniture and scratch etc. and that Sophie’s Dog Rescue is not responsible for covering costs of damage to such items. I must keep my foster dog under control and supervised at all times.
  • I must contact Sophie’s Dog Rescue if any behavioural/medical problems arise immediately and follow all of their advise and instructions in relation to such instances.
  • I will ensure that I keep my garden fully secure at all times.  I realise that foster dogs may frighten easily and try to escape therefore I will do my best to keep them secure.
  • I must not leave my foster dog in the care of anyone else unless discussed and approved by Sophie’s Dog Rescue
  • If I can no longer foster a dog in my care for any reason I will contact Sophie’s Dog Rescue immediately and understand it may take up to 6 weeks for another available foster home to be found. Up until the time the dog leaves my care I accept all above and below conditions are still applicable.
  • I agree to keep Sophie’s Dog Rescue updated regularly with regards to progress, behaviour and wellbeing of all dogs in my foster care and understand that Sophie’s Dog Rescue may contact me on occasions for updates and progress reports.
  • I understand that fostering a dog with Sophie’s Dog Rescue is a partnership and will do my best to provide for all my foster dog needs while it is in my foster care.  In the event that I cannot provide for said dog, Sophie’s Dog Rescue will provide essential care such as food, bedding, toys  and veterinary bills.
  • If my foster dog requires vet treatment for any condition I must contact Sophie’s Dog Rescue immediately and keep them fully informed.  It is my full responsibility to keep my foster dog in good health at all times and if I cannot provide anything for my foster dog I will contact Sophie’s Dog Rescue and ask for help with this.

I agree to all above terms and conditions and will do my best to provide a stimulating and loving environment for my foster dog(s)

Regulations (GDPR)
SDR fully respects the rights to privacy and are committed to strictly adhere to GDPR. The information which you give to SDR will be used in accordance with the GDPR and 2018 EU Data Protection, and used for the following purposes : to enable SDR to create an electronic record of your personal details contained in this form; to enable us to use 3rd party home checkers to match the suitability of specific dogs for you and your family, provided no statistical information that would identify you as an individual will be passed on to third parties, without you prior permission, and will not be kept any longer than deemed necessary.

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