Meet our Foster Families

Each month we’ll feature a few of our foster families to get an insight into the life of a foster family:

Foster Family Feature: Laura

Tell us about your most recent foster

Our most recent foster Dax has recently been rehomed to his forever home. Dax came from a neglected background and was heading for the pound when Sophie’s Dog Rescue stepped in! Instead Dax came to our house. He was incredibly timid and sad when he arrived, but with the help of my own dogs his mischievous personality started to show. He was with us for 3 weeks while we got him wormed, chipped, neutered and all of his injections. When they were finished we were happy that he was ready to go so the girls advertised him on the website and very quickly found a perfect family for him. It was sad to see him go after 3 weeks but I get regular updates from his forever home as you can see below! He’s loving life with his new big brother.


How do you decide when to get a foster?

Sophie’s are very flexible around my work travel so I let them know when I’m available and they let me know when a suitable dog needs a home. When my dog was sick I had to stop taking fosters for a while and Sophie’s were very understanding. I only take small dogs as I have small dogs at home, and take younger dogs as my own dogs are young and full of energy. 

Why did you decide to become a foster?

I already have two dogs so I don’t want to permanently adopt another dog, but we do have the space and time to help other dogs on their journey to their forever homes. I love keeping in touch with my foster dogs after they’ve been rehomed, and knowing that we contributed to them finding their perfect homes. It’s also fun to have a puppy around every so often!!

How easy was it to get involved?

I just filled out the form on the website and one of the team came out to check that the garden was secure enough for their best escape artists! Some of the dogs arrive quite frightened so they do tend to try to run away initially if they can. After my homecheck was approved I just simply let them know my availability and they let me know when a suitable dog is available. Every so often I’ll get a text asking to help out and I can decide at that point if it’s good timing for me around work and family commitments etc.

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