Terms & Conditions of Adoption

If you cannot adhere to all Terms and Conditions of adoption with Sophie’s Dog Rescue you will not be able to adopt one of our dogs.

  •  I promise to insure my dog from the day I take it home.  I have looked into all the aspects of dog ownership and understand the responsibility.  I accept all financial and personal responsibility for owning an Sophie’s Dog Rescue dog on completion of adoption.
  • I acknowledge that the dog I am adopting will be a family pet and live inside my home with the rest of the family.  I will ensure my dog is wearing an identity tag and will keep microchip details up to date at all times.  The said dog will not be chained or be living outside.
  • I will be responsible for all veterinary treatment from the day of ownership (however, Sophie’s Dog Rescue cover illness only in first 2 weeks post-adoption) including neutering when dog is of age if adopted as a pup. Neutering of all dogs is mandatory and will be checked up on when the time comes.
  • I agree that as my new dog is a rescue dog that Sophie’s Dog Rescue can give me no guarantee as to the history of this animal, only to the best of their knowledge.  Also, that they can give me no guarantee about any hereditary defects or unknown medical conditions
  • I promise to keep my dog happy and healthy making time for daily walks and sufficient mental stimulation
  • From the date of the signed adoption agreement I accept full responsibility for the dog and its actions.  I realise that dogs are unpredictable and that they may chew, bite, destroy furniture and scratch and that Sophie’s Dog Rescue is no longer responsible for the dog now that I own it.  I must keep my adopted new dog under control at all times
  • I must contact Sophie’s Dog Rescue if any behavioural/medical problems arise and accept that Sophie’s Dog Rescue are not responsible but will contact them to let them know and see if they can recommend a professional to help/assist in any way
  • I must not pass my dog to another rescue, company, family member or person without consent from Sophie’s Dog Rescue
  • If I need to return my Sophie’s Dog Rescue dog for any reason or I can no longer keep it then I will only return it to Sophie’s Dog Rescue and understand it may take up to 6 weeks for an available foster home to be available
  • I understand that if I am to return my dog there will be no refund of the adoption fee as this fee will almost immediately be used to help the next dog in need
  • I agree that Sophie’s Dog Rescue, as part of their follow up regarding the dog’s progress/welfare, may contact me at a reasonable time by phone, email or in person with prior arrangement
  • I agree to keep Sophie’s Dog Rescue up to date as much as possible on my dogs progress in their forever home by sending pictures, videos and updates.

I certify the information I have given is true and that should I be found to have given dishonest information it may result in the adoption of the dog being stopped at any time.

*An adoption donation of £150 applies to each dog to contribute towards medical fees to date*

Regulations (GDPR)
SDR fully respects the rights to privacy and are committed to strictly adhere to GDPR. The information which you give to the Homechecker will be used in accordance with the GDPR and 2018 EU Data Protection, and used for the following purposes : to enable SDR to create an electronic record of your personal details contained in this form; to enable us or a 3rd party homechecker to match the suitability of specific dogs for you and your family; provided no statistical information that would identify you as an individual will be passed on to third parties, without you prior permission, and will not be kept any longer than deemed necessary.

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